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PlaceName, City and StateWeight of the pumpkinPrize
1stCindy Tobeck, Little Rock WA1,910 lbs$11,460
2ndRuss Pingrey, Santa Rosa CA1,723 lbs$2,000
3rdJim Sherwood, Mulino OR1,699 lbs$1,500
4thRob Globus, Walnut Grove CA1,681 lbs$1,000
5thGary Miller, Napa CA1,496 lbs$500
6thRuben Frais, Napa CA1,432 lbs$500
7thJose Ceja, Napa CA1,135 lbs$500
8thIan Sigman, Honeydew CA953 lbs$500
9thBonnie Armanino, Pescadero CA821 lbs$500
10thScott Stamp, Camino CA736 lbs$500


Biggest from State of CaliforniaName, LocationWeight of the pumpkinPrize
1stRuss Pingrey, Santa Rosa CA1,723 lbs$1,000
Biggest from The CoastsideName, LocationWeight of the pumpkinPrize
1stBonnie Armanino, Pescadero CA821 lbs$500
2ndGeorge Armanino, Pesadero CA724 lbs$250
3rdFarmer John, Half Moon Bay CA441 lbs$100
Most Beautiful PumpkinName, LocationWeight of the pumpkinPrize
1stVince Zunino, Los Altos CA619 lbs$500