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Renaming Our C.P. Huntington Train

Neil H. Underhill had a career with the county for almost 22 years. He loved Irvine Regional Park almost as much as he loved trains. As a young boy, Neil loved trains and he lived this passion until the end of his life. Trains were a hobby that did not just end with collecting memorabilia. Neil traveled across the country and world to ride trains, take photos, and simply watch the passing of locomotives.

Neil Underhill was a cherished friend to Irvine Park Railroad. He was very welcoming and helpful in bringing Irvine Park Railroad to the park. After Neil passed away from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, it seemed only fitting to re-name the train in his honor.

On March 4th, 2003 the Irvine Park Railroad locomotive was re-named the “N.H. Underhill” in loving memory of our friend and train enthusiast.