California History Education Program Public Day
California History Education Program Public Day
California History Education Program Public Day
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California History Education Program Public Day

2016 Program Date:  Saturday, April 23rd

Time:  10:00 AM. The session will last for two hours. 

We will start accepting reservations on Tuesday, January 5, 2016.

Participate in one of Orange County's most educational and fun field trips!

 This program - created by teachers, for teachers - meets curriculum requirements for 4th grade history/social science content standards for California state public schools. During the field trip, children and parents can go back in time and experience the life of a miner, the history of California, the routes people used to travel to get to California and more.

Price:  $14.00 per person (children and adults).

Regular train tickets, coupons, special promotions, and other discounts are not available for this program.

Picnic tables are available for those that would like to enjoy lunch at Irvine Park Railroad.
Lunch may be purchased from the snack bar or you may bring a sack lunch.

Call Irvine Park Railroad today at (714)997-3968 for reservations. Reservations must be paid for in full at the time of booking and space is limited.

  For information on school field trips, including home school field trips, click here

To view pictures of the 4th Grade California History Program,

visit the photo gallery.  

For more information, or to make a reservation,

please call Irvine Park Railroad at (714) 997-3968. 



California History Education Program Public Day - Train Rides  

Train Rides 

The train takes both children and adults on a trip through beautiful and scenic Irvine Regional Park. The train ride is narrated by the engineer and passengers will learn about the history of California and the transcontinental railroad.




California History Education Program Public Day - Miner's Shaft  

Miner's Shaft

Visitors will have fun as they explore the depths of the mine shaft constructed for the 4th grade education field trip program. Visitors will also be able to see the types of tools used to dig and navigate through the mines.





California History Education Program Public Day - Panning for Gold  

Panning for Gold

A favorite event for all Irvine Park Railroad visitors, both children and adults will experience panning for gold using a working water trough. While panning, visitors will be educated on tools used to pan, the rush in economy and population growth in California.




California History Education Program Public Day - Miner's Camp  

Miner's Camp 

All visitors will experience a fun and real life demonstration given by a "49er" on life during the gold rush. This camp has all of the daily tools and equipment used during life in the 1840s. Visitors will have fun - as the miners did - as you rope "cattle" and learn games that helped pass time for the miners.




California History Education Program Public Day - Water Wheel Demonstration  

Water Wheel Demonstration

The water wheel demonstration is a true-to-life replica of a water wheel. Enjoy the water wheel and learn the importance of water during the gold rush.


California History Education Program Public Day - Transportation  

Wagons, Buggies & Transportation

This portion of the program includes routes that settlers took to get to California from all directions and the lives they led while making the cross-country journey. A 4th grade history field trip presentation will be made on important California history leaders including James Beckworth, John Bidwell, John C. Fremont and others.




Reservations for this 4th grade history program family day must be made and paid for in advance. To make a reservation, call Irvine Park Railroad at (714) 997-3968. There are no refunds unless it is raining on the day of the event. In case of rain, the event will be rescheduled to a later date.

Please Note:  Dogs are not permitted in Locomotive Loop, Miner's Meadow or other event areas. Dogs are, however, allowed in other areas of the park. Dogs must be on a leash at all times while inside of the park. 

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